Thursday 9 April 2009

The Ultimate Bagger

It takes great personal courage to come out of the closet, especially in the motorcycling community, but I know there are other riders out there who golf.
Do you find spending 5 or 6 hours away from your motorcycle is a problem? Is all that exercise reducing your carefully cultivated beer physique? Have you secretly yearned to wear plaid pants in public? Then this is for you.
Let me introduce you to the Turf Chopper by Bridgeburg Golf. (Uh, just to be clear, she’s not the Turf Chopper; the three-wheeled thingy is.)
Turf Chopper 1
While this handy little electric bag cart will do absolutely nothing to improve your game, you will look very cool on the course. And with customizing options including colours, flaming golf ball logos, wheelie bars, and even cooler trailers to carry the beer for the entire foursome, you will certainly be the centre of attention. Throw in the plaid pants and fluorescent green golf shirt and you’ll be a standout for sure.
Still not convinced? Check out this video of the Turf Chopper in action.
Word on the street (at least on my street) is that there will soon be an accessory available that will make the “potato-potato-potato” sound, converting this from just another wanna-be chopper to the real deal.


  1. Hey Bud,
    Coming outta d closet could be a rough and tough thing...then again I wouldn't know about it and neither would you.
    Love this thing...but then again I'm just a
    When golfing, I'm always looking to play the 19th hole if you know what I this would spoil it...but hey you've be bringing a lot of good stuff to the table

  2. Ha Ha!, If I had one of those on a golf course, I wouldn't bother golfing. I'd just ride around the course the whole day.

  3. Yeah, that might be its downfall. You have so much fun zooming around the course you forget why you're there.

    Now if you could swap out the electric motor for a little 8 horse gas engine.....

  4. I just got my yougest a scoot and he's so proud of it...a future biker...I'll say

  5. BL - You need to post a few pics....

  6. I promise I will post a few pics of the n=bikes soon...I was just totally down with my mother's passing end of March. I never thought it would affect my brains so much but it did

  7. Baron - no worries. Dealing with a death in the family is never easy, and it's always tougher than one expects - often in ways you never anticipated. And it always takes time....


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