Friday, 26 March 2010

Are we ready for this?

 personal air conditioner
No, this rider does not have a weird medical condition, nor is he being felt up by a hitch-hiking space alien. And no, this is not the image for a caption contest (although that’s not a bad idea…).
This is the latest in personal environment control from the folks over at EntroSys – the motorcycle air conditioner. Delivering conditioned air (heated or cooled as required) through a special vest, the EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning System promises to make those long rides in extreme conditions that much more comfortable. And a more comfortable rider is a safer rider, so what’s not to like?
Who would like to start?


  1. Whatever happened to the days when we were part of the environment we rode in :-)

  2. stageleft - I'm with you. If I want a controlled environment I have the car.

  3. It will never catch on. I carry an air-conditioning system with me already on my bike. It is fully controllable. Low setting - I take off my winter gloves and put my summer gloves on. Medium setting - I undo the zip on my jacket. High setting - I take my jacket off. It works for me!

  4. Dear Canajun:

    I saw this in a press release last summer. And for the moment, I thought it had merit. There have been many times when I sweated my ass off riding a motorcycle... But then again, isn't that part of it? Yet from that standpoint, how does one justify a heated seat, handgrips, and gear?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. Jack - Maybe it's just the wimp in me, but if the weather is cold enough for me to need a heated anything (say, less than 40F) then I don't ride - or at least not far. And in the summer, if it's too hot, I just open a zipper or two and voila - air conditioning.

    Outside those limits is why I have a car with both heat and air.

  6. Dear Canajun:

    That's the waty I used to feel too. Yet I repeatedly found myself raising the bar. There were a couple of early sprng rides, where our little group would wake up to get going, and the temperature would be 25º. We had a schedule to keep and we'd ride. I simply wore another layer, and never more than jeans over long underwear.

    Then I tried this electric jacket liner.

    Never again will I be out on the road where the high was 40º at noon, but darkness at the end of a November day brought a 12º drop that left me cool in the saddle. The flick of a switch will keep my arms, neck, and torso nice and toasty.

    Oddly enough, days when the heat is pushing 98º are almost as bad as the one's at 20º.

  7. Jack - keep talking like that and you'll make a convert out of me.

  8. Looks more like Noo-Noo from the Teletubbies getting a little frisky

  9. Bikerted - I'll have to take your word for it. LOL

  10. It looked like a traveling CPAP machine to me! I don't think it would catch on.

  11. Canajun:

    I've heard of these machines but have never seen one. Makes you look like a robot

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  12. Lance - Had to look up CPAP. You're right! All the rider needs is a face mask.

    bobscoot - Yeah, I wonder if you can disconnect it from the bike and carry it with you so you can be cool (or warm) while having a beer at an outdoor patio?

  13. I've been tempted to try a heated vest or jacket liner, but I have to tell you there is NO WAY I would use something like that. Being from the south, the heat doesn't bother me. However when the temp drops below 40 my will to ride drops with it!

  14. Crash - I'm with you there. I've earned my cold riding stripes way back when, and don't feel I have to prove anything to anyone any more. So if it's a choice between frost bite and comfort, I'll take comfort every time.


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