Monday, 22 March 2010

John Deere taking a run at Harley-Davidson?

Recently there have been rumours that John Deere was planning to branch out of farm and home implements and get into the motorcycle business. The latest news is that they have a new trike under development that is expected to hit the market some time in 2010. Company officials refused to comment, but at least one photo has been smuggled out of their test facility.

The picture shows an innovative looking trike, painted in John Deere’s trademark green and yellow, of course. It’s powered by what appears to be an in-line 4 cylinder powerplant driving a pretty beefy rear end. In keeping with J-D’s rural roots, the springer front end has been treated to a custom headlight unit designed to look like a steer’s skull. And the horn is … well, horns. Our inside contact indicates the cow’s bell will only be available as an option.

Rider comforts have not been ignored either, from the footboards to the 16” apes to the fully padded head rest.

Our source tells us the initial release of this new trike will be limited to Saskatchewan and Oklahoma, where it is expected to be very successful.

saskatchewan trike


  1. That is a lot more headrest than I need. Can I get it with a smaller headrest?

  2. Dear Canajun:

    I had heard that Harley Davidson is being bought out by a Chinese Company that primarilly builds scooters and wheelchairs. This could mean that Harley's AMF years were some of the best in its history.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  3. Danny - Sure. May not be as pillowy soft though.

  4. Jack - May not be a bad thing as apparently the average age of Harley owners continues to rise. They could have upgrade plans to those scooters and wheelchairs.

  5. Canajun - I have been considering getting a trike for a while and this is very nearly exactly what I am looking for. Sleek, great lines, cool engine, nice paint. There are only two issues I have with the bike - the wheels don't quite match and I prefer brunettes - the babe is a blonde, so not for me....

  6. Gary - Besides all that, you'd have to move to Saskatchewan or Oklahoma.

  7. I wonder if the cow bell is standard or an option? They claim nothing runs like a Deer and that Dear would definitely have me running.

  8. azhd - Ah, but in which direction? :)

  9. Eddie Keith Wilson11 May 2010 at 17:32

    Now that's a cool ride right there!
    Y'all got to go hear my song that just got cut as a single here in Nashville. Go to and check it out. It's called "Harleys and John Deeres".

  10. I wish the Truckers still came in this color. It was the most pleasing Long Haul Trucker color to date.

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