Sunday, 21 March 2010

Have Harley, will golf

As I’m sure most of my readers are aware by now, my two favourite summer pastimes are riding and golf.
Unfortunately I’ve never been able to combine the two for the simple reason that carrying a set of clubs on your bike is not an easy proposition. Until now that is.
gogocaddyGo-Go Caddy have entered the market with a golf club carrier designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. According to their web site, “Go-Go Caddy, the easy-on, attractive and rugged golf club carrier, makes use of the same mounts used for a detachable backrest which already exist on the bike.”
Priced at $499, the Go-Go Caddy is available in any colour you want, as long as it’s black.
While it’s an interesting concept I’m still having some difficulty reconciling the image of a tattooed guy in plus-fours tooling down the highway on his loud-pipes-save-lives Fatboy emblazoned with flames and airbrushed skulls while leaving a trail of errant golf balls and tees behind him because he forgot to zip up a  pocket or two. Besides it just looks wrong.


  1. It might look wrong, but it sounds really funny. LOL

  2. This is deffo NOT a cool look, maybe if you spray painted skulls or flames onto your golf bag it may look cooler :)

  3. İt wasn't anonymous!! it was me Linda from montieand me :(

  4. Gary - it definitely blows the cool factor.

    Linda - I'm not sure flames and skulls would make much difference. lol. btw, welcome back. Haven't seen you around in a while.

  5. I am all for practicality. If it works and serves a need, then go for it. A movie if you driving up in the parking lot of the local country club would be very cool.

  6. That is too funny! I personally don't care for golf, but if I had to golf, I would definitely want to do it on a Harley!

  7. cpa3485 - Don't hold your breath waiting for that movie.

    Ken - That's the spirit!

  8. I agree. That does look weird. I guess if you want to do both it might just work though. What I want to know is when you are done golfing, and you want to go for a ride, what are you supposed to do with the clubs? Ride with them? In your golf clothing?

  9. Mr. M - It's easy enough to throw a change of clothes in the saddle bags, but I'm not sure how it would handle a high speed blast through the twisties.
    I think I'll just leave my gear at the club and not worry about it.


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