Sunday, 21 March 2010

Back to stock

Last July I switched my Dyna to forward controls. I really liked the look of them and the highway riding position was very relaxed. But I never really felt comfortable with that configuration, always feeling like I had given up a lot of control. I even re-installed my original pegs to have an alternate place to put my feet, but with the controls up front that just confused me (and my feet) even more.
Feedback to my earlier posts had been pretty much universal, that I should give them time and I’d end up loving them. So I persevered to the end of the riding season but by then had still not fully adapted to forwards.  For me this had become a classic case of form over function – they looked good, but felt wrong - so I decided to take them off over the winter.
Of course by the time I got around to it there were several feet of snow on the ground and I hadn’t ridden in months. And so the memories of how they felt faded quickly into the background as the ever-present image of how good they look took over. I changed my mind, deciding to give them another go.
Then I went for my first ride of the season on pot- holed roads with loose gravel in the corners and other roadway challenges and I remembered why I didn’t like them. So form be damned, function wins and they’re now off.


  1. Myself, I love forward controls, not so much for looks (although I think they do look cool), but for comfort. My first bike (Yamaha Virago) has mid controls, and my knee tended to lock up after riding only 25 miles or so. My Harley Wide Glide has forward controls from the factory, and I love them. We have our share of potholes around here, but I don't feel like I sacrifice too much control. But it's nice that you have the option to change. Only you can decide what's right for you.

  2. Ken - I guess after 40 years of riding with mids or rear-sets, this old dog is just more comfortable that way. You're right - it is nice to have the option to change - and it only takes about an hour (if I take my time) to swap them over.

  3. When I switched to Forward , I loved it. I did have the mids removed completely and now wish they were still there. It would be nice to fold them back down for different riding positions on days where you pack on the miles. It would feel nice to switch it up a bit. I find myself using my passenger pegs to give my legs a different riding position after riding all day.
    As far a feeling in control. I think it's what you get used to.

  4. Mr. M - You're right. I think if I had been riding on forwards for years it would be different. But for me, I just couldn't make the transition. And having other bikes with mids that I ride occasionally doesn't help either.
    Oh well, it was worth a try. Now I know.

  5. i can completely relate but with forwards being my preference). once you know and love a certain position or riding style, you have to honor it.

    i wish i could put my heel/toe setup back on for long ride comfort, but the low lean angle the floorboards create on the deluxe simply drives me nuts. lol, i grind the pegs as it is, and im comfy with that.

    im glad that you're comfy again canajun. this will make for a great riding season. :)

  6. Ms. M. - Thanks. I'm looking forward to it! Although with below freezing temperatures and snow forecast for the next few days it will be a while before I get out again. Oh well, I need to do an oil change anyway, so wrenching will have to do.


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