Monday 15 March 2010

Now that’s a bar stool!

Motorized bar stoolSome months ago I blogged about this guy who was charged with DUI while riding his motorized bar stool home and I made some comments about looking for an old lawnmower base and a well-used stool to make my own just like it.  

Well that just won’t do any more as I have now seen (and sat on) the holy grail of powered bar stools.

One of the places I always head to at any rally is the Boss Hoss compound to check out their latest models. I have no intention of ever purchasing one of these pumped-up motorcycles but I am always interested in things mechanical and I remain intrigued, both by the bikes themselves and the people who ride them. (Last year I met a couple on matching Boss Hoss bikes – his was a two-wheeler and hers was a trike – with identical  custom paint jobs. Other than riding $120,000 worth of hardware, they actually seemed quite normal.)

So one of the requisite stops at Daytona was the Boss Hoss trailer. I wish I’d brought my riding gear because they were offering demo rides and I’d like to see how (if) one of these things actually handles. I can’t imagine that 1700 pounds of motorcycle wrapped around a 450-horsepower V8 would be all that nimble and easy to ride, but here was a chance to find out and I wasn’t equipped. (Note to self: Don’t let that happen again.)

DSCN2741-for webBut I digress. The point is that at the Boss Hoss compound they also had a Hoss Fly. Smaller than your average go-kart, and V8-powered, the Hoss Fly is another of those curiosities that people build (and buy) for strange reasons, but having one in the garage that could be used to get to the local watering hole would be very cool. (Imagine explaining that purchase to the missus!) Sadly I didn’t get to take it for a test spin, but I did get to sit on it for a photo (with permission). I had to hold onto my cigar as there was no ashtray, and that immediately soured the deal. Besides it really wasn’t that comfortable so a seating upgrade would be in order.

Thinking that the Hoss Fly would be the ultimate bar stool racer, I checked out their website only to find the Hoss Fly has a maximum speed of 25 mph. That wouldn’t even get it close to the current 53.557 mph record for bar stool racers posted at Bonneville Salt Flats – and that was a battery-powered machine. Perhaps that’s why internal combustion powered bar stools can’t compete in the barstool class at Bonneville – embarrassment that a 12-volt battery provides more forward momentum than a small-block Chevy.

It really is a vehicle that is totally impractical and that no one needs, but the WTF? factor is unmistakeable, as is the testosterone surge that accompanies the thought of riding one of these things with the speed limiter turned off!


  1. Canajun:

    Re: those Boss Hogs

    I also saw a pair of matching Boss Hogs last year. One was 2 wheeled and the owner said it weighed 1800 lbs, the other was a trike ridden by his wife. Automatic 502 CI engine. I have photos somewhere. They were at a car show under their own tent/canopy. I wonder if they are the same people.
    Too me, they just seem too awkward . . .

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Bob - No doubt they are huge! Can't imagine they're easy to ride.

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